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Teen Parenting Service Network / Chicago, IL



The Teen Parenting Service Network (TPSN) is a group of affilliated Chicagoland social service agencies, whose mission is to provide assistance to teen parents who are wards of the state. The ultimate goal

of TPSN is to unite the child with the mother and father and help them become a successful family.


My challenge was to design a professional, yet friendly logo that would express the idea of a mother and father caring for their child.  I also had to make the imagery ethnic neutral.  In designing the logo, I pursued a semi-abstract graphic approach, but was careful as to not make the logo have the rigid coldness associated with international symbols.  A friendly, warm feeling was achieved by creating a symbol showing a mother and father holding hands, while providing shelter for their child.


After the logo was approved, I designed a complete stationery system, presentation folder, mission sheet, and created the look of all online forms.  I was also responsible for naming and designing TPSN's quarterly newsletter, "Collaborations." In addition, I designed theme specific logos, marketing materials and brochures for TPSN's annual conferences.


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