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I was commissioned to build a strong identity for Stonitsch Construction, a commercial and industrial construction company.  Originally named Ron Stonitsch Construction Co., I recommended that the company change their name to Stonitsch Construction.  This move allowed the company to project a larger image, which was one of the objectives in creating a new identity for the company.  I created a logo which utilizes a bold rectangle shape and color scheme, and modern typography.  Incorporated within the logo unit is the letter "S", which also serves as a stand alone symbol. The letter "S" is comprised of two building outline shapes which interlock to create an industrial image.  I was responsible for the design of the complete Stonitsch Construction corporate identity program, including corporate logo, stationery system, office materials, capabilities brochure, presentation folder, vehicle and site trailer signage, advertising, and promotional materials.


The Stonitsch Construction corporate identity received an award from American Corporate Identity, an annual competition which recognizes the best in corporate identity.  The identity was also featured in the book Logo & Letterhead Design 7.


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