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Rialto Square Theatre Volunteer Organization / Joliet, IL



The Rialto Square Theatre Volunteer Organization commissioned me to design a logo for their group and recruiting materials to attract more volunteers.  The volunteers take tickets, usher patrons to their seats, answer questions, serve drinks etc. during shows.  Having been to the theatre many times, I already knew that the volunteers dressed in tuxedos and I thought that an image of a penguin would be the perfect mascot to represent the group.  To my delight, as I interviewed the group, they told me they refer to themselves, as others also did, as 'penguins'.  I told them I was already thinking that would be a fun image to build a brand identity around.  We all agreed and I went to work developing a logo and a slogan, which became, "Proud to Serve at the Rialto".  In addition to the logo, I designed their recruitment brochure and a lapel pin that new volunteers receive to wear while working.  The new logo served to give the group a fun personality, professional image and renewed purpose.


The Rialto Square Theatre Volunteer Organization brand identity received an award from the American Graphic Design and Advertising competition.


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