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R. Berti Building Solutions / Lockport, IL



Timothy Kump, Chief Creative Officer of Bullet Communications,

was inspired by the De Stijl art movement from the early 1920's in creating the new identity for R. Berti Building Solutions.


The logo unit, composed of bold colors and geometric shapes, echoes

the spatial relationships found in modern architecture and commercial construction.  The R. Berti logo conveys a sense of structure, quality and artistry that are the hallmarks of the R. Berti brand.


Bullet created a stationery system that utilized 4-color process printing, custom converted envelopes, and staff business cards, each having a different design/color scheme on the back side.


Following the completion of the R. Berti corporate identity, Bullet next planned the rollout and introduction of the new identity.  Because the new identity was created during R. Berti's 85th year in business, Bullet planned a special event to introduce the new identity and celebrate R. Berti's 85th Anniversary.


Bullet designed a mailer that was sent to R. Berti's database of clients, prospective customers, sub-contractors, architects, employees, city officials, family and friends.  The mailer served a dual purpose; it introduced the new identity and invited recipients to the R. Berti 85th Anniversary Celebration.


One hundred twenty-five VIP's attended the R. Berti 85th Anniversary Party to celebrate the new identity and long-term success of the firm.  Guests of the party were given an R. Berti Mouse/Note Pad parting gift that was custom designed by Bullet.


As part of the rollout, Bullet also created ads for the Chamber newsletter and local newspaper introducing the new identity.  Since an 85th Anniversary is an impressive milestone, Bullet contacted the publisher of the local newspaper to write a story about R. Berti.  Bullet planned the story to appear one week prior to the R. Berti anniversary party to maximize local exposure for its client.


Fleet vehicle graphics, site trailer signage and even bus benches serve as mini outdoor billboards to further project the R. Berti brand to the public.


Kump was responsible for the total rebranding of R. Berti, and provided creative consultation, art direction, design, copywriting, illustration, public relations, event planning, advertising and media planning services.


The R. Berti corporate branding program received an award from Graphic Design USA, an annual competition which recognizes the best in design.  The project also received an award for excellence from the American Graphic Design and Advertising competition.

R. Berti client project photos

by Images by Stuart Pearson


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