The Fuel Stop


Dal Lido Restaurant / Evanston, IL



After designing an identity for Stella D'Italia, a Chicago restaurant, the same restaurant group asked me to create an identity for another restaurant they were opening in Evanston, IL.  Dal Lido, which means "that shore", was to be a casual family-style Italian Seafood eatery.  I created a rough-edged version of a classic Italian typeface with a hand drawn border, and to make the logo fun and casual feeling, I added some water and a jumping fish to dot the "i".  I then designed business cards and window treatments using the same border technique.  The logo was

also applied to menus and the wait staff wore t-shirts emblazoned with the logo.  I have designed numerous identities for Chicago area restaurants and nightclubs.


The Dal Lido logo was featured in Graphic Design:USA magazine and the Stella D'Italia logo was featured in the book Restaurant Graphics 2 and Letterhead & Logo Design 4.


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