Crystal Sewer + Water / Joliet, IL.



Crystal Sewer + Water is a construction company that provides underground sewer and water installation for subdivisions and other commercial projects.  They originally called me to design a capabilities brochure for them.  As we talked and they saw my brand identity work, they decided to hire me to create a new identity for them, including a brochure.  Their objective was to vastly improve their corporate image.

To visually illustrate their services, I went to their job sites to photograph projects in progress.  Of the shots I took, I selected two main shots to use in their brochure design.  I decided to keep their brochure bold and simple, using only two colors plus an embossing technique on the cover.  After I retouched each photo, I converted the photos to black and white.  For their use in the brochure, I specified a Pantone color for each photo and printed a different color underneath.


The Crystal Sewer + Water brochure won 2nd Place in the 2004/2005 Stora Enso "What Teams Can Do" design competition.  The competition attracted over 450 top design firms from North America.  The Crystal Sewer + Water brochure project proves that great design doesn't have to be complicated, and it doesn't have to come from a multi-national design firm.



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