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Advertisers Broadcast Services, Inc. (ABS) / Des Plaines, IL



Advertisers Broadcast Services, Inc. is a telemarketing firm.  They sell unsold advertising air-time for radio stations.  ABS will contact a radio station and tell the station manager that for a fee, they will provide the station with businesses that will pay to have their name read over the air as the sponsor of a public service announcement (PSA).  This benefits the station by making money from the otherwise unused air-time.  If the station is interested in learning how ABS can help them, ABS will provide the station with information about their company.  Before contacting Bullet, ABS was not pleased with the image or marketing tools they were sending to the radio stations.  They felt that they could help their cause greatly if they could present themselves as a more professional, sophisticated company.


After I designed a bold, colorful corporate logo and stationery system for Advertisers Broadcast Services, Inc., their sales team commissioned me to create a hard-hitting brochure they could use on customer appointments. I designed a bold front cover, printing the ABS symbol using a gloss varnish technique. The front cover is also cut short, revealing the logo from the page below. Printed inside is sales information as well as a 4 1/2" pocket that holds contracts and other literature.  A TOYO flourescent lime yellow ink was used in the logo.


The ABS identity was published in Graphic Design:USA magazine.


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